Jungle Book Reimagined

Art Director and Animation Director
Commissioned by YeastCulture.org and Akram Khan Company. Visit akramkhancompany.net for upcoming tour dates.

“The beauty lies in the simplicity of it all. The animation is responsive and reaches augmented reality heights of production, yet its line-drawing style cuts to the bone of the story rather than show off its technological capabilities. Animated petals bloom as the cast members ripple their arms and plants sway as they whizz past. It’s so well done I often found myself forgetting that the lines aren’t being delivered live on stage. ” 
- The Stage
“There’s a meta edge to the projections, which repeatedly, marvellously, bring both the animal kingdom and Mowgli’s memories to life. ”
- The Telegraph

“It’s magical when the real and animated worlds interact”
- The Financial Times